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Karen Lummen Snyder

Karen Lummen
Residing In: Jenison, MI
Spouse/Partner: Snyder
Occupation (current & former): LPN / Volunteer
Additional Children Information: Our kids and families live within 5 miles of us at the presnt time.
# of Children:


# of Grandchildren:


Personal/family interests:

Now have a seasonal place at "Sandy Pines" that our whole family enjoys in warm weather. Volunteer at "Bibles for Missions" Thrift Store.

Summary of personal history since graduation:

Worked part time in nursing in many different areas til retirement age. Camped with family & friends in summer times. Since cutting back on working we have done some traveling: Europe to visit our son and daughter-in-law who were in the military. Found the house my grandfather lived in, in the Netherlands. Visited parts of New Zeeland & Australia with a group of golfing friends. Sight seeing a lot of the USA by car.